1. You feel terribly guilty when you have to stand up to go to the toilet while your cat is so comfortable on your lap



2. You work your way around your cat when he/she is taking up all your work space



3. You make up excuses to stay in on a Friday night because you planned a Netflix & Chill date with your cat

 Bestand_000 (4)


4. Your selfie game is really outstanding (and outrageous) BFF - selfie


5. You start copy each other’s postures

BFF - postures


6. You tell your cat everything because he/she never judges you

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7. Your friends are considering throwing you out of the Whatsapp group because you send them daily pictures of your cat

Schermafbeelding 2017-03-31 om 12.20.47


8. Your phone storage is constantly full because you think your cat is a supermodel



9. When you enter a bar/shop, you spot the cat after 1 minute and start petting it before saying hello to the staff or ordering

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10. When you’re FaceTiming with bae/your mom/your BFF who’s spending a remote year across the world – your cat almost always joins you


11. Nothing feels more reassuring when your cat hugs you

Olly+Kelly knuffel