Cats are hot, timeless and an endless source of inspiration. They used to be adored (and mummified!) by the Egyptians, now they are masters of the internet. But it goes much further than just the digital world, because cats are also gradually taking over the fashion industry. Cats and the ehh… yeah, the catwalk are inseparable. Nothing is too wacky to be embellished with cats. Just think of Hello Kitty and her enormous amount of goods. And you do not even have to be a crazy cat lady (or guy) to display cats on your clothes, it’s high fashion!

Choupette is perhaps world’s most famous fashion cat. She is the muse of fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld and she even has her own biography: Choupette, the Private Life of a High Flying Fashion Cat. In here she shares excerpts of her diary, which she of course does not write herself. No, Choupette has two maids who do that for her. The book includes advice on dieting, health and fashion. Choupette was also the source of inspiration for a clothing line of Chanel, on which she was displayed on bags, shoes and apparel. Want to know more about Choupette and her adventures? Check out her Instagram.

Another big animal lover (who gives high priority to sustainability and animal welfare): Stella McCartney. Cats were her main source of inspiration this year. With the launch of her new collection, McCartney teamed up with animal organization PETA to support the fight against overpopulation of cats. On social media, she launched the hashtag #StellaMcCATney, which encourages people to support mobile veterinary clinics.

Gucci obviously could not stay behind and let their Italian creative director Alessandro Michele create an extensive collection of fashionable sweaters and T-shirts.

Besides the big names, there are also some more affordable options when it comes to expressing your love for cats in your daily attire. Here are some of our personal favorites: