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Yes, the Poopy Cat litter box is a complete replacement of the litter box and the litter.

Each litter box is meant to be used for a full week, after that you can place a new one and dispose of the old one as residual waste. Using the litter box for longer than a week goes beyond our quality guarantee.

Of course! That’s exactly what makes the Poopy Cat litter box a complete solution! After unfolding the box it is ready to use.

By pulling the top of the Poopy Cat litter box upwards, the front and back of the box automatically unfold downwards. After securing the front and back end of the box the Poopy Cat litter box is ready to use.

The combination of strong absorbing litter and a water repellent coating on the inside makes the Poopy Cat litter box waterproof. Every grain of litter can absorb three times its own mass.

The litter specially designed for the Poopy Cat litter box is ultra absorbing because wood fibre is used. The wet litter falls apart to very fine sawdust which then sinks to the bottom of the Poopy Cat litter box. Faeces are dried out immediately to minimize odor.

If more cats use the Poopy Cat litter box you don’t have to use more litter boxes. It is, however, suggested to renew the Poopy Cat litter box more frequently.

Poopy Cat considers quality very important and several checks are carried out during production and before shipping. If you receive damaged or defect items, we will replace these as soon as possible.

In the design of the Poopy Cat litter box, the size of the standard litter box was taken as a guideline. The size of the Poopy Cat litter box is sufficient for most cats. If you are in need of a bigger version of the Poopy Cat litter box, please contact our helpdesk.

Place the Poopy Cat litter box on the exact location as the previous litter box. Make sure the old litter box is out of reach to avoid ‘ accidents’ in the empty box!

An extensive period of testing showed that most cats do not need an introduction to start using Poopy Cat. Place the Poopy Cat litter box on the exact location as the previous litter box.

Cats who do not recognize the Poopy Cat litter box may have troubles adjusting to the biodegradable litter. If you mix the Poopy Cat litter with the old litter for the first weeks you help your cat in the transition.

The Poopy Cat litter box comes with four scoops and it is recommended to scoop every once in a while. But it’s personal wether you would like to use them.

BLOCKS has been developed and extensively tested for cats of all sizes, breeds and ages. All elements are 25x25cm or 25x50cm long. Almost all types of cats can enjoy BLOCKS. Do you think your cat is too big for BLOCKS? We are releasing BLOCKS XL later this year, especially for the bigger kitties.

BLOCKS is strong enough to hold cats up to 5KG. When a structure that is properly secured with connectors is able to withstand almost all cats. Be aware of the balance of your creation, it may change when your cat jumps on it!

The basic BLOCKS package consists of two cubes, two beams, one tunnel, one bridge, one slide, 32 outside- and 24 inside-connectors.

BLOCKS is made of special fortified cardboard to ensure a long and fun lifetime. It is strong enough to endure the force of even the most active cats. A properly supported structure (with connectors) should last for months before needing to replace elements.

The cardboard material used for BLOCKS is specially enforced cardboard. This makes BLOCKS able to withstand the claws and teeth of even the most aggressive cats.

Yes, definitely! BLOCKS is fun for single cats, but also supports group play! We tested this with twelve cats. Besides it being a bit overcrowded, it’s all great stuff!

Absolutely, let your creativity be your guide and your cat be the judge! Just make sure that the products you use are not toxic for your cat!

Start by folding the tabs and sides. Connect the edges together and click the sides in the slots to close. You can choose to press out the openings or leave them in. Connect the different elements by using inside or outside connectors on any connection slot. This enables you to connect on every half-length of an element. Please make sure that while connecting you use sufficient connectors and think about the balance of the structure.

The inside connectors can be used in all slots offering much flexibility. Some elements can only be connected with inside connectors (tunnel and bridge). The outside connectors can be used at the ‘-‘ shaped connector slots near the edge. They are very strong if placed on opposite sides. You can place elements over plugged outside connectors if you want.

Yes, you can! Detach the connectors with a little care and start creating your new structure. Don’t worry if one breaks, the basic package contains additional connectors so you can keep rebuilding!

BLOCKS is a safe playhouse for your cat. The lightweight material will not harm your cat if accidents occur. Please make sure to always securely connect elements and test it. While building, please pay attention to balance and the fact that your cat may change that while playing!

All seven Landmarks and their entrances slightly differ in size (varying from 24 cm till 33 cm). For the use of the playhouses, however, these size differences are negligible. The Landmarks are created with an eye on various small pets, having different sizes and weights. Cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and even small dogs are all able to use and enjoy the Landmarks!

We are all familiar with the funny love of cats for cardboard boxes. The Landmark playhouse serves as a safe haven for the pets and relieves stress (as investigated bij Vine, et al. at the University of Utrecht!). It also functions as an isolator, so your pet will be kept warm at all times. Additionally, the Landmark stimulates play through the various play elements that are added to each Landmark. If your pet can’t travel along with you, you can just bring the world to them!

We want all cats to have the opportunity to enjoy the Landmarks and to see something of the world! Therefore, we are shipping to all countries worldwide. This sometimes comes with higher shipping costs. Unfortunately, we cannot easily reduce these yet at this point of time, but with lots of support we certainly can in the future! Nevertheless, are you – and everyone else from all over the world – able to order your favorite Landmark(s)!

The Landmarks all consist of different components – made of cardboard, that can easily be clicked together. The set up of the most ‘complex’ Landmark to assemble (the Kremlin), only takes about 5 minutes. So, once you are finished your pet can start decorating!

The Landmarks are made of special cardboard, double-layered with high density. Because of our earlier experience and different testings, we know that the use of cardboard as a material does not lead to lower quality. In fact, the Landmarks are strong enough to endure the force of even the most active cats and will be strong for years. This way your pet can safely sit, jump, chew, lick or scratch as they please.

Poopy Cat makes all their products as safe as possible for us and of course for the ‘end-user’. We use water-based (non-VOC) ink which is safe for all animals. It is also biodegradable!

Poopy Cat can be delivered at your home address or any other. The delivery service depends on your country, most of our packages are sent with DPD.


By using the Track and Trace code you received in your shipping confirmation, you can retrieve the status of your order. In addition, you can verify the delivery status on your personal page. Please contact our customer service to schedule new delivery.

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If you are not complete satisfied with one of our products, please contact our customer service: +31 20 2 61 09 36 or info@poopycat.com

If you have received a product with a defect or if it is not working properly we will replace your product without cost. Please contact our customer service (+31 20 2 61 09 36 / info@poopycat.com).

Please contact our customer service (info@poopycat.com/ +31 20 2 61 09 36) if you are not satisfied with our products.

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All our products are made of recycled cardboard and are fully biodegradable. By using these materials we reduce environmental impact, so we and our beloved pets can keep on living on this planet earth or many years to come!

Our innovative online distribution system with delivery slot options prevents delivery when you are not home, minimizing useless transport movements. When you select your preferred delivery date we combine postal codes with already planned deliveries, lowering the total number of transport movements.

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