Is your cat terrified on New Year’s Eve because of the fireworks? Humans may enjoy it and don’t mind the sound, but cats do not understand what is causing the loud explosions and may be scared.
Luckily there are several things you can do to try to help your cat remain calm during fireworks.

Tip 1: Close all doors and windows. It is extremely important that you do not open doors and windows while your cat is highly agitated, because it may panic at the sound and bolt outside. Many pets that have run outdoors during fireworks have been lost or run over. Additionally, closing doors and windows will stop some of the explosion-like sounds from coming into your house.

Tip 2: Get your cat to go into a room far away from the fireworks. For example, if your bedroom is the farthest to the west of your house, and the fireworks are to the east, you would obviously pick your bedroom. Be careful picking up your cat, as it will probably be terrified and jumpy. At the same time, it may love having someone around that is comforting and loving them. It depends on what personality type your cat has. If your cat seems liable to claw you because it is so frightened, drop a towel or throw blanket over its body and pick it up using the blanket instead. Be sure to speak soothing words as you do so, to help your kitty understand that you are only trying to help.

Tip 3: Use a crate. If your cat is crate trained and does not have negative experiences with it, it can be a great place to keep it safe during fireworks. It keeps it from running around, escaping the house, or hurting itself or others because it is confined in a small space. It also has the added benefit of helping it to feel secure and cosy. Try putting its favourite treat or toy in the crate along with a blanket or towel that smells like you. However, if your cat does not like to be crated, now is not the time to try to get it to use one. A highly agitated cat will only panic more if you put it in a crate against its will.

Tip 4: Play soothing music. Don’t blast it, or try to drown out the sound of the fireworks. Play the music at a normal volume level. Just enough so you can easily hear the music. Classical music works great as well. If you normally keep a television on in your home, consider putting it on your regular programming at a slightly increased volume from what you normally use. This way the sound of the television will help drown out a bit of the fireworks while also helping your cat feel that everything is normal.

Tip 5: Plug in Feliway®: a pheromone dispenser, which we also use in our office. It can effectively help your cat feel more comfortable during stressful periods of time. When a cat feels comfortable and secure, it rubs its head against furniture and/or the corners of the wall and will leave behind a facial pheromone. These places and objects are viewed by your cat as comforting. Feliway® is a copy of this facial pheromone. By mimicking natural facial pheromones of cats and applying it at home gives your cat a familiar and safe feeling in their environment. Let the Feliway® evaporator stay in the socket for at least one week after the event.

Be safe and Happy New Year from all of us here at Poopy Cat!! 🙂