A couple of months ago we proudly presented you the first part of our list of the most remarkable (in)famous Instacats of the moment. Our research in the dark depths of The Internet proved there are just too many Instacats to fit in one post, so we simply had to devote a second post to these celebrities. We hereby proudly present you the second part of our list of the most remarkable (in)famous Instacats of the moment:

Instacat #6 – Max Muca & Mr. Min(i) (Cat in Berlin), two gentlecats

Cat in Berlin is the Instagram account of two bow-tie wearing kitties Max Muca and Mr. Min(i). Max Muca and Mr. Min(i) are a pair of 2 gentlecats and poster boys for the cat-accessory company Cat in Berlin. The company specializes in high quality bow-ties, ties and scarves for your furry companion. Max Muca and Mr. Min(i) are the perfect models for the brand and are living proof that gentlecats exist. Did I already mention that Max has one eye? He lost it due to a tumor but is now a very healthy and happy kitty. I think it makes him look like a cute little sailor and it makes me proud that a kitty with a slight abnormality is such a successful model. He was adopted from a shelter by his owners when he was a kitten and it was love at first sight. With his sophisticated style, Max inspired the owners of the company to start Cat in Berlin.


Instacat #7 – Atchoum (French for “Sneezy”), the cat with excessive hair growth.

Atchoum, born in May 2014 in Quebec, Canada, has a condition called hypertrichosis. Hypertrichosis is an abnormal amount of hair growth (no kidding!) over the body. When Atchoum was still a little kitten, his owner noticed a little mustache. This turned into a beard, super heavy eyebrows and eventually the furry kitty he is today. But there’s more than just the h airiness that makes Atchoum different; he looks at you as if he will use “the force” to make you feed him some kitty treats. But please, don’t let his fierce eyes scare you. According to his owner he’s a real sweet and friendly kitty. In his spare time, Atchoum likes to play CatPlayground on the iPad and run after his little giraffe, with whom he has a love/hate relationship.


Instacat #8 – Pompous Albert, the permanent frowning cat; do you think he’s really angry?

Albert, named after the famous physician with the similar hairdo, appears to be angry, very angry. He tends to look like a typical Disney villain that you don’t want to mess with.  Albert is a Selkirk Rex breed, known for their wild, poodle-ish curly fur. The account is run by his owners, Mike and Susan Singleton, who explain in a quote of Albert (in his bio), why he is so angry: “Rejected show cat, but I’ll show them.” But, and I’m sorry to spoil your fantasy so soon, Albert is secretly a true sweetheart who purrs loudly when you pet him. A typical day for Albert is walking around in the gallery of his owners, making himself comfortable in drawings, on printers etc.

Schermafbeelding 2015-06-30 om 10.34.04 Schermafbeelding 2015-06-30 om 10.52.38

Instacat #9 – Bonnie & Clyde, two ultimate relaxed fluffy partners in crime

“It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!” is definitely the one thing that pops up in your mind when seeing these two. Bonnie & Clyde, sister and brother, are two inseparable Blue Point Himalayan cats. As implied by the name of the breed, Blue Point Himalayan cats have really beautiful blue eyes. They also have relatively a round body with short legs. Combine that with excessive fur and you’ll get a “insanely poofy” cat like these two. Bonnie & Clyde are plus size models according to their owner. They love to pose in front of the camera, fluffiness and all, shining with their pretty blue eyes. Besides a serious job as plus size models, they also enjoy doing random cat stuff, like sitting in boxes, watching birds from inside the house and cuddle with their junior human, aaahw!

bonnieclyde3 bonnieclyde1