Poopy Cat believes taking care of our beloved cats can improve. For our cats, their caretakers, and the world. We develop refreshing products with a focus on sustainability, innovation and fun. We want to make sure the time we spend with our cats is fun time. Our mission is to make care taking effortless and playtime awesome!

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Thomas Vles
Founder & CEO

Studied physics and psychology, but found his calling inventing pet products. He has frequent visions on crazy pet products, especially during full moon.

Jacqueline Kapeloni
Social Media Cat Guru

Having just graduated on verbal branding, she has a great love for language, communication and cats. Working at Poopy Cat is the final step of her transformation into a cat lady.

Floris Douma
Cat technician

While our logo shows a backend, Floris is the real backender. At our office he quickly learned what ICT really stands for: Intense Cat Therapy.

Rick Passenier
Co-Founder & Head R&D

Playing rugby on the highest level did not ruin his engineering skills (yet). So he dedicated his life to improve the wellbeing of pets around the globe.

Rosa van der Kamp
Crazy Cat Lady purr sang

Normally a student at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, but currently doing an internship at Poopy Cat. Loves to come up with creative kitty content and is in favor of a cat for president.

Cat & Part-time Guinea Pig

Adventurer in heart & soul, he loves being outside. He even joined Thomas in his trip to London, along with Cheesy.

Kelly Marcus
Kitty Magic Marketeer

Loves her white fluffy son Olly unconditionally. Her love for cats was born on holiday on a Thai island where she made friends with a stray cat she named ‘mustachio’.

Aurélie Vasseur
Meow > miauw > miaou

French cat lover, loves Poopycat so much she wants all the frenchies out there to be able to love them as well.

Cat & Thomas's Muze

Being the only girl of the pussygang, she can charm anyone with the sweetest purr.

Jochem Nuij
Sales & O-purr-rations

He is the WD-40 for operations in a company. He makes sure you receive a good product, on time and CO2 neutral. Also he wants your cat to smile, obviously.

Ciyu Xu
Cat Solution Designer

Being a strategic product designer, she loves to develop products for cats. This way she hopes one day she will earn some of their love back.

Cat & Fluffball

Kelly’s white, fluffy son. Loves hugs, being brushed & unconditional attention.