Our story

After the big bang 13,8 billion years ago, evolution took a giant step forward in 2012. During litter box cleaning duty one of Thomas’s cats went missing. After a short quest Thomas found Mushi inside a bag of cat litter, where she was doing her ‘virtuous bidding’ (or: pooping). At that moment Thomas had a striking realization: cats do not associate the litter box with going to the toilet, but the litter! And so the idea of the disposable cat litter box was born and conceptualized. The rest of it is history. Or is it?

In 2013 Thomas teamed up with surfer and industrial engineer Rick. They both believe that in today’s world, every product needs to be sustainable. While doing research, they found out that the ‘natural’ cat litters are not environmental friendly. So they decided to start producing their own litter from industrial waste wood. For the litter box, they decided to use recycled cardboard. By using these materials they are able to improve caretaking for cats, humans, and the world. Poopy Cat’s first product was patented and up until this day they have sold over 25.000 litter boxes!

Innovation in marketing was also needed to establish brand. We teamed up with friends and created the world’s first cat pop group, The Poopy Cat Dolls. Their hit ‘Do You Want My Purr Purr’ went viral. We were suddenly world famous! Many other successful stunts followed: a XXL litter box was tested with lions. In 2015 Thomas cycled to London with his cats to open a ‘poop-up store’. We also launched the first pop-up Cat Café in The Netherlands and organized the World’s Next Cat Model contest!


Today, Poopy Cat has expanded its Dutch operations to a total of 12 countries. Cats from countries such as France, Germany and the United Kingdom can enjoy the privilege of Poopy Cat. Aside from the conquering of Europe, Poopy Cat is active overseas. Chinese, Japanese and even Australian cats can also enjoy Poopy Cat products.


At Poopy Cat we have three cats living at the office: Mushi, Cheesy and Olly. This way we are able to develop, test and improve our concepts in close collaboration with the end-user. We develop products with cats, for cats. Want to know what that is like? See our short video about a day at the Poopy Cat office.