Litter box 4-pack

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4x complete cat litter boxes, ready for use in seconds. Each box includes high quality litter and 4 scoops, and lasts one week. Good for holidays, sleepovers, medical trouble, and cats in need of potty training!

Also available as automatic monthly service with fixed discount. Never worry about the litter box ever again!

The number 1 solution in cat hygiene

Easy cleaning, no more dirty hands

Lower environmental footprint than regular litters, even with the cardboard box!

Tested over 25.000 times since 2013

Not happy? 100% cash back guarantee

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Quick and easy
• Ready to use in just a few seconds
• Unfolding is so easy a monkey could do it
• Dispose your kitty litter without getting your hands dirty

Solid litter box
• Strong construction to withstand force of even the most aggressive cats
• High performance product, despite the use of recycled materials
• Tested with more than 10.000 cats worldwide

Quick transition
• Most cats don’t even need an introduction
• All you need to do is replace your litter box with Poopy Cat
• Extensive testing has shown that cats easily adapt

Litter box
Length: 40 cm
Width:  30 cm
Height: 35 cm
Entrance Ø: 25 cm

Each litter box comes filled with high quality litter and disposable 4 scoops. Just remove the protective sheet and your cat can poop in style!

Length: 40 cm
Width: 30 cm
Height: 28 cm
Weight: 7,8 kg


Why should you worry about the litter box? With our subscription model you get the best service for yourself and your cat, automatically.

You will receive a new 4-pack every four weeks. You will never be without litter, lush.

You will be notified about the payment and delivery date several days in advance. You can change the date in less than one minute via your personal account page.

Just to be sure, we offer a service and not a contract, you can cancel or pause anytime at no cost!

Cats consume on average, 30kg of litter each year. In northwestern Europe alone, that amounts to over a billion kilograms every year. Most cat litters are derived from mineral matter that isn’t compostable and can reduce the efficiency of incinerators.

Our specially developed litter is made from industrial waste wood, which is 100% natural and 100% biodegradable. Also, we use recycled cardboard.

So our product is not only good for you and your cat, but also for the next generation of cats and humans.

And the guy delivering your package? He works for a company that neutralizes their carbon footprint world wide. That’s our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

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