Tote bag – Shut up, I am purr-fect

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For work, the beach, picnics, sleepovers and even grocery shopping. Our newest tote bag is suitable for every occasion! Strong enough to carry your laptop, a towel, snacks, your pyjamas and even your groceries with class.
Because a tote bag never goes out of style!

 Make a statement
Extra robust tote bag
340 gr sustainable cotton
100% natural material

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340 gr sustainable cotton

We love the environment just as much as we love cats. We use 100% recycled cardboard which is stronger than kryptonite. So our product is not only good for you and your cat, but also for the next generation of cats and humans.

And the guy delivering your package? He works for a company that neutralizes their carbon footprint world wide. That’s our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

We face high shipping cost outside the countries where we are not based. We will share some of the cost, but it's just too much to go offer free shipping for everybody.
Free shipping (from 25,-) is possible in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.