‘Misao the Big Mama and Fukumaru the Cat’

Under the guise of “A picture says more than a thousand words”, this story is expressed with madly sweet and heartwarming pictures. The Japanese photographer, Miyoko Ihara, started capturing the bond between her grandmother “Misao” and her cat “Fukumaru”. She published the photographs in her book “Misao the Big Mama and Fukumaru the Cat’.

These two best friends really do everything together. Misao found Fukumaru as a kitten, abandoned in an old shed. Despite the hearing problems of the cat, the two are inseparable (as you can see in the magnificient pictures).

“Under the sun, every day is a good day. Another good day, Fukumaru”
Misao named the cat “Fukumaru”, hoping that “God of fuku (good fortune) will come and everything will be smoothed over like maru (circle)”. Even though she is 87 years old, she still goes out into the fields everyday and Fukumaru always accompanies her. Green fields, blooming flowers and fruits in the colorful, diverse landscape – the lives of an old lady and a cat are captured in the photographs. Is it now been thirteen years since they’ve first met.