We probably all wonder what our cats think of us. And many of us probably also wonder “does my cat love me back?”. Some cats are very affectionate towards their human caretakers (lucky you!), while other cats treat their “hoomans” like their private butlers.
According to John Bradshaw, a cat-behavior expert at the University of Bristol, cats see us as big, clumsy and non-hostile cats. With an excellent taste in food of course.


gemmacorellbigcatBradshaw studied domestic cats for over 30 years, and his conclusion is that cats are essentially still wild. Cats were never bred to fulfill a specific role (like with dogs and hunting for example), so they never went through a big evolutionary change.

“The interaction of cats with human are mostly driven by pure instinct. Especialy in comparing to dogs, where it’s very much about learned behavior”, Bradshaw says. “When a cat “kneads” on our lap, it’s because he or she want to give a message for the mother cats to keep the milk flowing. Rubbing up against our legs or hands is a very clear way of treating you like as other cat; to show their affection to us”.

Fun fact: cat breeds that are bred intensively and are very dependent on humans, are also very affectionate towards us. Take Persians for example; they would never survive without us. They need to be groomed/brushed daily and their ears and eyes need to be cleaned. We can confirm that Olly is really affectionate and he loves our attention more than his stepbrother and -sister 😉


Illustrations: Gemma Corell