Going on a well-deserved holiday, a business trip or a short city trip? Well, that’s nice, good for you. But what about kitty? Of course, you will miss each other like crazy. Better make the time when you’re celebrating life as nice as possible for the home front.

Cat sitter

If you’re going on vacation, leaving your cat at home is the best option. Several studies find that although cats are quite independent, most of them are vulnerable to changes in their environment. Sure, there are exceptions, but most cats are happiest in their own, trusted environment. If you have a friend, neighbor or relative who wants to live in your house from the period you are away – purrfect. Otherwise, your cat sitter can pay a daily visit to your cat to make sure he gets food, fresh water and love and attention of course!

Cat in a Flat is a well established cat sitter community from London and just arrived in Amsterdam, so if there’s no one in your area yet, sign-up for free and they’ll send you an alert you when a lovely new cat sitter has joined.
The trusted cat sitter community makes it very easy to find a nice and insured cat sitter in the neighborhood. Cat sitters can offer daily visits or overnight stays. And if you like, you can even sign-up to become a cat sitter yourself. Earn some extra money for cuddling kitties, what’s not to love?

Of course, you can also leave your at a relative of friends’ house. Just make sure kitty has everything it needs so he/she feels as “home” as possible!


A (personal) recommendation from your vet or a friend is the best guide to find a good cattery. A cattery with a professional and caring staff is the second-best solution for your cat. Discuss carefully with the staff if your cat is in special need for anything. It’s also good to tell them what your cat does or does not like. Does he/she value high places, lots of human attention? A TV? The more info the better his/her stay will be!

Cat hotel

In some areas you can find quit fancy cat hotels. After all, you’re going on a holiday, so why not pamper your cat a little too? The Aristide Hotel in Paris offers cats the best hotel experience there is. Your cat will enjoy a room that’s much nicer than the average student living area.


Take your cat with you

If your cat is used to travel and if it does not upset him/her you can also take your beloved one with you! Amelia, the “Tropicat” of world traveler Liz sails around the world to the most beautiful places. What a life…